Hello, I'm Kristen. Perpetual student. Dog lover. Feminist. Occasional photographer. Always trying to be better.
Occasionally, I blog about life. Welcome to A Few Good Meals.

Born and raised along the Gulf Coast, I grew up with a distinct (and, let's face it, exceedingly picky) taste for flavor, quality, and satisfaction--especially in food. In February 2012, with the help of a wonderful doctor, it was discovered that I am severely intolerant to gluten (found in wheat, barley, rye, and malt), cayenne and chili pepper, sesame seeds, oranges, and pomegranates (as well as a host of other things, varying in severity). For a girl who could (and did) regularly eat a particularly fantastic loaf of fresh bread for dinner, it's needless to say that this changed my food habits and options pretty drastically. Though I definitely miss my spice and various delicious carbs and am still a long way from fully adjusting or recovering, I've never been willing or able to sacrifice taste.

I am an obsessive dog person (have I already mentioned this?), tea drinker, gluten-free food maker, sea enjoyer, music adorer, over-thinker, dreamer, and realist.

I hop a lot of airplanes, thrive on interstate sunsets, and usually have hair flying somewhere around my face. I am the opposite of a morning person, and I watch too much YouTube and Netflix.

This is just a place for thoughts, little sections of my life, and those occasional recipes that strike (very simple) gold.

You can read a bit more of my health story as I sift through it here.

My photography can be found here.

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